Why Organic?

We, at EraMount, always strive to bring Organic food & beverages to your doorstep in their best form, and hence, we are excited to share more about Organic food & Drinks with you!

Do you ever wonder….. What are the “Health Benefits of Consuming Organic Food”?

In a Common perspective, organic food manufacturers, producers, growers, and consumers do believe that organic food has huge health benefits as compared to conventional foodstuff.

Topmost Health Benefits of consuming Organic Food and Drinks: –

Immune System Boost

In recent times, genetic modification has increased in the farming sector, and using the technique we may grow tomatoes five times larger that may solve some world hunger issues, but looking at the other side of it, we have to admit that Genetic modification is still in its early stages, so the long-term effects of it on human health are still unknown to all of us. In initial testing, genetically modified food showed major issues as stated below

    • Weak immune system
  • Increased birth mortality
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Increased sensitivity to allergens

Although there are some good things about genetically modified food, organic food advocates point to the lack of concrete details about its long-term effects.

Environmental Wellbeing

As we know that harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air or water pollution; thus ensuring a safer and healthier planet for future generations to live in.

Pesticide Reduction

One of the major complaints that organic food consumers cite when choosing organic over non-organic is the presence of pesticides. In order to keep crops from being attacked by the natural world, including bugs, pesticides are required. Although they do a good job at keeping certain pests away from the crops, they also are composed of powerful chemicals like organophosphorus (i.e. synthetic organic compounds containing phosphorus). This is an unnatural mineral compound that is not required by humans, but more than 80% of this material in our bodies comes from eating pesticide-coated foods. Organophosphorus has been connected to a number of developmental problems, including autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), so organic food lovers do have a pretty strong argument in this case. To be fair, many people do choose to go organic to make sure that their children grow up healthy and unaffected by the toxins of the world during their developmental years.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is an important aspect of producing organic milk, organic meat, organic poultry, and organic fish. People feel happy that the animals are not confined to a miserable caged life when they eat organic animal products.

Antioxidant Ability

Several types of research and studies have been conducted regarding the effects of antioxidants from organic foods on overall health, and the predominant results have shown that antioxidants tend to have more of an impact when they come from organic foods. This may be because foreign chemicals are not negatively interacting with the different Vitamins, Minerals, and Organic compounds that are so essential for the positive impact of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of premature aging, vision problems, and cognitive malfunction. Recent research suggests that organic food can increase nutritionally desirable antioxidants and reduced exposure to toxic heavy metals.

Better Taste

Some people strongly believe that organic food tastes better than conventional food. The prominent reason for this belief is that it is produced using organic means of production. Furthermore, organic food is often sold locally, resulting in the availability of fresh produce in the market, which usually does taste better than produce that has been frozen, shipped, and transported across long distances.

Antibiotic Reduction

People nowadays are very conscious about their health, and they often take precautions to make sure they remain healthy, like getting various vaccines and taking antibiotics/multi-vitamins as soon as a new strain of bacteria makes them ill. However, non-organic food sources, particularly livestock and feed houses, also use antibiotics to feed their animals. This extra dose of antibiotics may actually be declining our immune system by basically overdosing on antibiotics, thereby reshaping it so many times that it will eventually be unable to defend itself. Organic food growers and dairy farmers do not use antibiotics in their processes.

Overall Health

Since organic food is not prepared using chemical fertilizers, it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals and does not affect the human body in negative ways. Natural fertilizers, like manure or compost, work perfectly fine, and organic farmers are happy to use this stinker, yet safer form of fertilizer.